HANA is used as a DATABASE to improve the performance of the reports or fasten the data access of the company's Existing Business Warehouse tool. So, for a HANA consultant, it is must to understand the reporting as well as the BW concepts. The Combination of BW, Hana & Business Objects (Reporting) will make you familiar with all the skills that you require to work independently and also the skills that any Industry look for. At the end of the course, we will be working on 2 LIVE SCENARIOS i.e. BW on HANA & ABAP on HANA to understand the system much better.

What does this course include?

Master data

  • Material Master
  • Bills of Material
  • Work Centers
  • Routings
  • Engineering change Management

Master Planning

  • Demand Management
  • Planning Strategies
  • Strategies for Make-to-Stock Production
  • Net Requirements Planning

Material Requirements Planning

  • Material Requirements Planning in the Logistics Chain
  • Transaction Codes for MRP
  • MRP Procedures
  • Master Data
  • Planning Process
  • Carrying Out the Planning Run
  • Evaluating the Planning Run
  • Procurement Proposal

Full scenario on Discrete Manufacturing 4: Production Orders

  • Production Order Maintenance
  • Scheduling
  • Components
  • Trigger points
  • Availability Check
  • Order Release
  • Missing Parts
  • Printing
  • External Procurement/Processing
  • Goods Movements
  • Confirmations
  • Rework
  • Order Settlement
  • Technical Completion of a Production Order
  • Closing a Production Order
  • Mass Processing of Production Orders

Full scenario on Repetitive Manufacturing

  • Make-to-Stock Repetitive Manufacturing
  • Master Data for Repetitive Manufacturing
  • Repetitive manufacturing profile
  • Production version
  • Production Line
  • Rate Routing
  • Product Cost Collector
  • Standard Cost Estimates
  • Planning
  • Pull List
  • Back flushing
  • Cost Object Controlling