HANA is used as a DATABASE to improve the performance of the reports or fasten the data access of the company's Existing Business Warehouse tool. So, for a HANA consultant, it is must to understand the reporting as well as the BW concepts. The Combination of BW, Hana & Business Objects (Reporting) will make you familiar with all the skills that you require to work independently and also the skills that any Industry look for. At the end of the course, we will be working on 2 LIVE SCENARIOS i.e. BW on HANA & ABAP on HANA to understand the system much better.

What does this course include?

Introduction to SAP HANA – Where ABAP meets HANA

  • SAP HANA Basics and Technical Concepts


  • Technical Innovations

HANA Row Store and Column Store

  • SAP HANA Studios
  • Log on SAP HANA
  • ADT (ABAP Development Tool) – Creating Project in ADT.
  • HANA as Secondary Database – Access via Open SQL.
  • SCI, ATC, SAT, Performance Guidelines for ABAP on SAP HANA

Code to Data – with SAP HANA as secondary Database

  • Classical Open SQL and its limitation
  • ADBC
  • Native SQL Syntax
  • Working with SAP HANA View in SAP HANA Studios
  • Consuming HANA View in SAP ABAP using Native SQL
  • Calling SAP HANA Procedure from ABAP
  • New Open SQL Concepts 3

    • New Features in Open SQL
    • Core Data Services in ABAP
    • Associations in CDS Views

    Code to Data with SAP HANA as primary Database

    • CDS Views with Input Parameters
    • 4.2 AMDP – ABAP Managed Database Procedures

    Create and call AMDP from ABAP Program

    • Modularization in AMDP (New concepts)
    • MVC Architecture Introduction
    • 4.3 Debugging AMDP

    SAP HANA Proxy Objects

    • Accessing SAP HANA Views via ABAP Dictionary External Views
    • Calling HANA Procedure via ABAP Procedure Proxies
    • Transports of SAP HANA Objects

    Advanced Topics

    • SAP HANA Full Text Search
    • Implement the Fuzzy Search Logic